Why KAP Costs What It Does

Why KAP costs what it does:
Because of the powerful transformative nature of kundalini and the dangers of kundalini syndrome when techniques and attitudes are improperly applied, Dr. Morris insisted that KAP never be reduced to its information, rather, that the instructors be available for questions and related assistance both at the workshop or class, and throughout the evolution of the students kundalini process, a process which continues well past the initial rewiring of all the body’s major centers or chakras. In essence, Dr. Morris provided lifetime free Q&A support to any enrolled student who was willing to follow his advice on energy cultivation, kundalini, and consciousness, and expects the same degree of dedication from all his certified instructors. (Please note; he did not suffer those who disregarded his advice to their own detriment more than one time, and neither do the other KAP instructors. After all, if you’re not willing to follow advice, why come back for more?) In addition to the value of the safe, efficient, and powerful principles and techniques presented in the KAP courses, and the considerable expertise of your KAP instructor, you are paying for this valuable individual support during and after the course..