Meditation Foundational Practices

Hi and welcome to your course. I look forward to leading you through this workshop.

In order to enhance your experience, the below video will explain the breathing pattern that will be used during the workshop.  Everything in meditation and Yoga starts and ends with the breath. Breath control is the secret to any esoteric practice, however it is often neglected or simply not taught.  Breath control or, Pranayama as it is called in Tantric Hatha Yoga, is a science in itself.

Please enjoy the video and any questions please ask

Breathing Basics

I hope you are all practicing your Buddha breathing. It will eventually take you more or less, straight into a meditative state. It will also become the way you breathe naturally, which will have enormous health benefits.

Remember in through the nose out through the nose. Tongue up, spine straight.

Expand the belly out and down and the pelvic floor out and down on the inhale.

On the exhale bring the pelvic floor back up and gently squeeze, as if wringing a sponge. Bring the tummy in and squeeze it around your viscera. This creates electrical potential and performs an internal organ massage. (Be forgiving of yourself and only go about 70%. of your maximum.

Inhale for 4 exhale for 8. This calms mind body and spirit.

We expand the belly for numerous reasons. Physically, it allows the diaphragm to move downwards thus increasing lung capacity. It is also done for esoteric reasons which we will discuss on the course.

If you haven’t done deep breathing before you may find it challenging at first. I will show you some stretches and massages that should help.

If that doesn’t help there are other things that may inhibit breathing, certain foods for example, or emotional tension. Let me know if this is the case and I will advise you.

As always any questions please ask