KAP Interviews

A Note on KAP Interviews:

An interview with Matt is required, prior to commencement on any of the Kundalini programmes. This is to ensure that the student is suitable for the course. These interviews are only for people committed to taking a KAP course and not for the casually curious. They are also not a sales pitch.

Before requesting a KAP interview, please make sure you fully review all the information available on kundaliniawakeningprocess.com, especially on the FAQ, section. There is more than enough information on the site, in order to decide whether KAP is for you. 

Unfortunately due to the the increasing abuse of this process and people using them as a vehicle for a free consultation, interviews will no longer be offered free of charge, (if you require a consultation click here for details).  A £25 fee is therefore payable at the time of booking a KAP interview; this will be redeemed off the cost of your  course, it will be fully refunded if Matt decides that you are not suitable for training.