About me T Matthew Howell


My spiritual journey began when I read Path Notes  of an American Ninja Master, by Dr Glenn J Morris, in 2007, after being drawn to it in a book shop. Thus I began my Kundalini experience. After trying the various techniques I decided to seek formal guidance, and instruction. Sadly  by this time, Dr Morris had passed away into the great void. I therefore sought out Doc’s, instructors at www.kundaliniawakeneingprocess.com, (KAP).

I took KAP 1 with Tao Semko in 2011, and through his guidance and patience, began to awaken my Kundalini. I continued my studies and practice and progressed through different levels. I have since completed KAP 2, KAP 3, (twice) and PSD with Santiago Dobles. 

These practices led me to permanently awakening my Kundalini. I now study Tantric Yoga and Alchemical Qigong with Tao.

In 2018, Tao gave me a great honour, in allowing me to become a Journeyman KAP instructor, in order to teach KAP 1 and KAP 2, to suitable individuals, both in workshops and to private students. In 2020 he did the further honour of making me a full KAP Instructor.

In my private life, I am a keen guitarist, singer and musician, I also enjoy the great outdoors, practicing Bushcraft and Primitive living skills.

I am a student of the Western Mysteries and an Ordained Gnostic Bishop, holding both, Apostolic and Gnostic lineages.

I currently reside in the Shropshire Hills.

I am available for workshops and private lessons in the UK. 

Please contact me for more details.

I currently offer the following as workshops and private lessons.


KAP Level One

KAP Level Two